Lifestyle of Watching Prayer

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I believe that the Lord is raising up His church across the nations to be a spiritual family going on mission with Jesus in the context of night and day prayer. As He is stirring hearts for prayer in this generation, He is wanting to take us deeper than just speaking words and making requests. He wants us to be connected with His heart, walking in agreement with His will. Prayer is as much about speaking to God as it is taking time to hear what the spirit is saying. When talking of the events pertaining to the end of the age, Jesus commanded that we “watch” and “pray.” This is a call to a lifestyle of watching prayer. It is actively observing the world around us, getting His perspective through His word and Spirit, and responding to His voice rather than the voices of the culture. This command takes time and focus; anyone can do it. So few are doing it however, and this leaves much of the church confused and fearful of the events happening today. When we are connected with Jesus’ heart, we are confident and effective in the works of the kingdom.

There are four activities that I have personally found to be essential for going deep in prayer; contemplative study of scripture, fasting, singing, and praying in the spirit. These are not the only activities, but these have been consistent in my journey through every season. I also believe that entertainment is a pitfall for this generation. Media can be like a black hole; drawing Away our focus for hours. Entertainment is not bad in itself, but like in a marriage, you have to turn the tv off to stay connected. God wants to show us He is more exciting than the latest movie or sporting event. He is wanting to pull us out of fantasy and into reality. I want my emotions responsive to the Lord’s heart, not this world. I want my mind filled with His word, fully alive. It is necessary that we are connected with the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. With the pressures arising and the confusion that is filling the earth, we desperately need clarity of truth in this hour. The bible says that many in the church will be deceived and led astray. Yet the bible also says that there will be men of understanding; those who have marked and perceived His word.

Written by: Zack Roberts

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