Simple Adoration and the Great Commission

The story of Mary anointing Jesus at Bethany is well known. She poured out a costly perfume, anointing Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair. The fragrance of the perfume filled the room with its pleasing aroma. She was judged and criticized for being wasteful, but Jesus speaks in her defense. And this is why this story is so well known. Jesus honors Mary and her sacrificial devotion; He says that this will be told with the gospel as it spreads across the earth throughout history. What Mary did is worth our consideration; for this was pleasing to Jesus and is linked with the Gospel being preached throughout the nations.

Mary is not remembered and honored for doing great exploits; we have no record of her leading someone to the Lord or working any kind of miracle. I am sure she did, but this is not what the Lord wanted to communicate through her story. It was her love, her sacrificial devotion that Jesus praised and has been recorded. What sort of response does Jesus desire of us? This was my question for several years after the Lord called me into the kingdom. The Father gave up His only son, Jesus gave all of Himself, and the Holy came to dwell within the human frame. The triune God Who is transcendent and beautiful in holiness, gave all of Himself for me. Like Mary, I yearned to give Him what He desired, to give Him everything. She knew that He was about to die, that He was about to be broken. She came to Him with all that she had, her future inheritance, and broke it open as a fragrant offering of adoration. She came to Him in Her brokenness because He made Himself accessible to the broken through His humility of becoming a man and dying on the cross. This is what Jesus desires of us; this is what pleases Him. Anybody can come with their brokenness and give all; rich or poor, young or old, educated or uneducated. We can all move His heart. It is adoring Jesus in the quiet and adoring Him in our obedience that releases a pleasing fragrance; It is the fragrance of Christ released through weak and broken people. The nature of Jesus is diffused through the aroma of meekness.

I believe the Lord is calling a busy church back to the stillness of sitting at His feet. He is calling us into our destiny; for all of eternity adoring Jesus will be our indescribable joy. He is breaking our pride with His humility. It is through gazing upon beauty that we experience deep transformation. It is simple, but takes time and focus. A lifestyle of worship will cost you everything, but you will lack nothing; for God Himself is your inheritance. As we see an acceleration of the Gospel reaching the nations with impact, we are also seeing an unprecedented rise of houses of prayer and worship across the nations. Simple adoration of Jesus shifts the atmosphere and prepares the way for the word of God to pierce hearts. The fragrance of a worship expels the stench of the enemy. There is a spiritual battle over the sons of men.The enemy blinds the hearts and minds of men like a fog of confusion; we need the Holy Spirit to move like the wind, so the people could receive the Word of God. Persuasive words and good strategy alone can not breakthrough the fog. Through adoring Jesus we prepare the way for God to move and shift the atmosphere. If we yield to the spirit, we will witness an unprecedented movement of effective laborers thrusted into the harvest.

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