The Fragrance of Jesus (Song of Songs 1:3)

Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, Your name is ointment poured forth; Therefore the virgins love you. 

Jesus’ name is diverse in beauty and fragrance. Like a diamond He is multifaceted in His nature. Like an assortment of perfumes His presence is like an array of pleasing fragrance. Jesus came to make known the Father and His name. Every word and movement of Jesus declares the heart and mind of God; for He is God in the flesh, the image of the invisible God. Through the gospels we see multiple emotions that Jesus felt, words that He spoke, and things that He did. We see Jesus manifest throughout the whole of Scripture. And in the present, Jesus continues to declare His name by the Holy Spirit through the people of God. And just as when He walked on the earth in the flesh, there are multiple expressions of His presence.  

There is something about aromas that awaken memories and emotions; some good and some bad. Everything about Jesus is good and right. His presence is like a fragrance that everyone in the same room can smell and experience Him. Jesus’ Holiness causes our hearts and flesh to tremble; all of heaven is compelled by fascination to gaze on Him as they continually fall on their faces. His humility fills us with wonder and draws us to Him. Indeed all of eternity could not unpack who He is. The knowledge of Jesus is an ongoing drawing; a perpetual discovery. 

His name is a healing balm. At the name of Jesus, sickness flees and darkness is expelled by the light of His name. We are His children and have been given His name; a bridal covenant of intimacy and authority. When we speak His name, our hearts are impacted and the atmosphere shifts. Some think that words we speak are dead and empty, but this is not true. Life and death are in the tounge; there is power in the words we speak. The Spirit of God fills His word that is spoken through us and His name carries the weight of eternity. Along with declaring, we must learn to receive His name. As we come into His presence, hurting and broken, He speaks His own name over our hearts. Like a healing balm he covers our hearts and our bodies. He heals and restores; making us whole. 

The virgins are not necessarily those who are celibate, but are those who have put their faith in Christ. The blood of Jesus cleanses the believer and makes a way for Him to have a bride who is pure and spotless. Oh the beauty of His mercy! Who God is and what God does, causes our hearts to overflow with affection and adoration. The virgins are set apart here because they recognize the beauty Jesus and are filled with love; yet to those who don’t recognize who Jesus is are filled with hate. Like Paul said to the Corinthians, “The fragrance of Christ is a sweet aroma of life to those who are being saved, but for those who are perishing it is a stench of death.” This is why we are commissioned to carry His name to the world, to proclaim His beauty. He desires that none would perish; that His name would be known and would be glorified. It is through the testimony of the virgins’ love that makes known His mercy. His name is seen in the love and affection of His people. 

Written by Zack Roberts

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