Fellowship with Jesus in Community (Song of Songs 1:4)

 Draw me away! We will run after you. The king has brought me into his chambers. We will be glad and rejoice in you. We will remember your love more than wine. Rightly do they love you. 

Our journey with Jesus begins and continues in the drawing of intimacy in the secret place and running in pursuit of God alongside others. There is the individual place of communion with Jesus that our hearts yearn for and there is the need for community. Many have isolated themselves in the name of prayer, but Jesus equated loving Him with loving others. In connectedness with people I walk out maturing in love. The heart thrives in prayer when running with community; while we are able thrive in community when we are cultivating a life of prayer. My relationship with Jesus is very personal and there is a place within reserved for God alone; yet God designed the human frame in the likeness of Himself. He is a relational God. He is eternal and made up of three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Even before He created heaven and earth God was fully given within Himself in perfect fellowship. He is like a whirlwind of affection. We were not meant to run this race alone and I would even venture to say that you will not make it very far on your own. 

Jesus is the King and His chambers are the most private and intimate places of His heart. It is the Holy of Holies and the veil has been torn. He calls us more than servants; He calls us His friends with whom He shares all things with. He does not withhold Himself and He desires that we would not withhold anything from Him. We have been brought into fellowship with Him; all we have to do is look up and talk with Him. 

God’s love is better than wine; far better than anything this world has to offer. God is Love and He cannot be compared with any form of so called love that this world has to offer. His love is the superior pleasure that is eternal and fills the deepest caverns of the soul, while the pleasures of this world are only skin deep and are passing away. Even a glimps of this love that is displayed through Jesus causes the heart to well up with joy. This love is revealed through the testimony of Jesus declared in His Word and through the love displayed in the relationships of the Church. In light of this love, why would we not respond in love. This is the greatest treasure of life; the very purpose of our existence. Rightly do we praise Him! Rightly do we love Jesus! He is worthy; He is worth it all! Rightly do we sell all we have to purchase the field to lay hold of this treasure. 

Written by Zack Roberts 

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