Three Powerful Descriptions of the Humanity and Deity of Jesus (Revelation 1:5a)

 and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. 

I feel so lowly in the attempt to describe these names of Jesus; barely even scratching the surface. There are depths of these truths that we will be discovering a billion years from now. Even though we see through a mirror dimly in this age, I am blown away that we are still able to see. I want to get lost in the knowledge of Jesus; to be fascinated and transformed. I want truth to embolden my walk with Him in this present age. 

Jesus is the “faithful witness.” He faithfully declares to humanity what the Father is like. He endured such hostility, a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief; yet He did not draw back. He spoke and acted truthfully while on the earth and did not succumb to pleasing man. His message was in no way watered down. Jesus accomplished all that He came to do in His first coming; we can trust in His faithfulness to do what He said He will do in His second coming.  

Jesus is the “firstborn from the dead.” God came to earth as man, under the curse of death. He died and rose again; the first human to have a resurrected body. He demonstrated that He has victory over the grave and that He has made a way for us to follow; for He is the “first”born from the dead. 

Jesus is the “ruler over the kings of the earth.” Jesus reigns supreme over all the kings of the earth. He is sovereign and transcends time. No king in all of history ever was nor ever will be above Jesus. Having absolute authority means that He is able to accomplish all that He sets out to do; He will have His way at the end of the day. Nothing in created order can throw off His rule. 

Written by Zack Roberts

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