To Him Who Loved Us (Revelation 1:5b)

To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, 

Jesus is Him who has loved us! Jesus said that in the same way the Father has loved Him, so He has loved us. How much doe the Father love the Son? From eternity past the Father has dwelled with son and in Proverbs it is written that the Son was daily the Father’s delight. Their relationship is full joy and peace, wholly perfect; fully given, fully received. The Father and Jesus are one, they have nothing hidden from each other. They continually Glorify the other; they have no selfish ambition in their relationship. God Himself is love and the relationship of the trinity is an endless contemplation; a perpetual discovering depths of divine ecstasy. 

It is with this same love that God has loved us. He knows us fully and loves us wholly. We have done nothing to earn it, He just does because He is love. He does not need us to fill some void in His heart; He is complete within Himself. We se His love and the manifestion of His desire for us in the cross. He gave all of Himself for us, even unto death. Meditation upon His cross silences the accusations. The enemy often come to accuse us, saying that we are not loved. He accuses God, saying that we cannot trust Him because He does not fully love us. Those lies lose their place in my understanding when I look upon Jesus with His blood flowing down! While we were His enemies He gave His own life for us. It is done; He has settled our debts. He has washed us clean! He went to the greatest depths for us while knowing the areas of sin we would struggle with in our lives. God has purchased a harlot with His own blood, knowing that she would return many times to her other lovers before she would be wholly His. His love is long suffering, His love is patient through the process. 

Written by Zack Roberts

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