Jesus’ eternal Worth and Dominion (Revelation 1:6b)

to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

The worthiness of Jesus is the premier reality of eternity. He is worthy because of who He is and because what He does. He is worthy of our attention and our affection. Jesus is worthy of our obedience. He owes us nothing, yet He has given us all of Himself. He is transcendent in Holiness and all of heaven declares His glory unceasingly. His glory is His majesty, His beauty, and He is unsurpassable.

To Jesus the Father in Heaven has given the nations as His inheritance. His kingdom will continue on for all of eternity. We presently see His dominion in part, but will one day see His dominion fully manifest on the earth. Every aspect of life on earth will be completely under His feet. He has already conquered death and the grave, but is waiting for the appointed time. In that day there will be no more sickness or pain; there will be no more tears. Heaven and earth will come together. This is not just a good fairy tale; this is real.

This man is Holy and He is Humble. He is the one I want to follow, because He is the Glorious One who will reign with a kingdom of love for all of eternity. When everything else is falling away, why would you cling to any other? Above the opinions of man, and wether I like it or not, this is truth. It is written; Jesus will have dominion for ever and ever. This eternal reality directs my every step in this life with boldness and confidence, as my eyes are fixed on Him. 

Written by Zack Roberts


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