Beautified with Divine Character and Redemption (Song of Songs 1:11)

We will make you ornaments of gold
With studs of silver.

The Lord works with His people to accomplish His good plans and purposes. What is He seeking to accomplish in our lives? The “ornaments of gold” speak of divine character and the “studs of silver” speak of redemption. He is taking time, with intentionality and care, to adorn our lives with His divine character and redemption.

The Lord is maturing our hearts in love. He is working through our weakness, making us beautiful. He is purifying and refining our hearts like the gold. We are like trophies of His grace and workers of His redemption. We each carry testimony of His goodness in our lives and are equipped to deliver others.

It is with and through His Church that He refines our hearts; iron sharpening iron. In community we are shown love, we are challenged to walk in sacrificial love, and we are tested through forgiving others amidst the hurt they cause. 

Every moment the Lord is forming and fashioning us into the image of Jesus and it is Christ in us that is our hope. This is beauty hidden within man’s frame. We were created to manifest Jesus’ nature, to declare His name with our lives.

Written by Zack Roberts



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