The Voice of Jesus (Revelation 1:10)

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet, 

There are differing interpretations of what John meant by being “in the Spirit.” I think that He was communing with the Holy Spirit in prayer. 

There are also differing interpretations of “the Lord’s Day.” Some commentaries say it is the Sabbath Day, others say that John is highlighting that every day is the Lord’s, others say that there was a set day of the year that commemorated the killing of Christians and was mockingly referred to as “the Lord’s Day.” All of these very well could be true interpretations. 

Something significant to take note of is the setting that John was in and how he chose to respond. John was exiled and imprisoned on the island of Patmos. Many of His friends had been martyred and he had suffered greatly for the gospel. I am sure that he was battling doubt and discouragement to some extent. I am sure that his two biggest questions were; what of Jesus’ return and what of the Jewish people? Reading the NT, I get the feeling that the apostles did not anticipate a 2000 year delay. 

John chose to respond in worship and prayer. He knew the council of Jesus; that his spirit is willing, but his flesh is week. He knew his need to engage the Spirit. He was not going to allow himself to give in to discouragement, but rather press in to hope. He was choosing not to be offended; but pressed in, through worship, to hear God’s voice. 

While he was in the spirit, he heard the audible voice of Jesus coming from behind him. This voice was loud and like a trumpet. In the ancient world, the trumpet sounded to gather the people, signaled preparation for battle, and to announce victory. Jesus is gathering His people, warning the earth of coming judgement, and announcing His return. 

Zack Roberts —

Prayer Director at Ember

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