Called to Watch and Pray

Jesus commanded us repeatedly to watch and pray.

Watching” is to be observant and engaged with current events; that we may recognize the signs of the times. Sadly most christians in America just watch and not actually pray. They buy into the world’s narrative of mankind rather than getting God’s narrative. This leaves many christians confused, angry, afraid, and offended. And quite frankly, these emotions lead to stupid decisions that actually hinder the gospel.

Jesus said we are to also “pray.” This means to observe current events and bring it before the Lord in conversation. It is taking time to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying through meditation in the written word. God wants us to yield to Him all that rises up in our hearts when we see the injustice; our fears, offenses, emotions, and opinions. Jesus desires to give us His heart and thoughts that we would have clarity, be confident, bold, steadfast and effective.

Jesus truly is the only solution. He really does respond to our weak prayers. Any form of “justice” apart from Jesus really is not “justice.” In Jesus alone is found eternal life. We must also remember that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against spiritual principalities (1 Corinthians 10:1-6)

Rather then just lashing out on social media what if we went to the Lord in prayer, then respond in active obedience to what He says? I say active because a prayer life is not void of active response. Jesus is looking for partners in advancing His kingdom, not mere spectators who add their own commentary.

I believe the Lord wants to give us practical solutions that Glorify His Name and are aligned with His ways; if we would only choose the way of humility and take the time to receive from Him. He will give us boldness to stand for truth and justice no matter the cost.

Zack Roberts —

Prayer Director at Ember

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