Feeling the Urgency of the Hour

There is a storm on the horizon and much of the Church is not ready. Imagine knowing that a massive storm was about to hit your city and you knew how to prepare, but most people did not believe you. That is the emotion I feel as I see, from God’s word, what is coming; then to look around and see much of the church is asleep. There have been warning signs going off like an alarm clock, but people keep hitting the snooze button. Do we really believe every word that Jesus said? Do we think that He exaggerated? Are we hearing what the spirit is saying?

Jesus is a wise and good leader. He knows how to motivate our hearts. I see God’s wisdom in exhorting His Church to live watching and expectant for His return. It is so important that we allow our hearts to feel the impact of God’s words about the coming crisis. He has much to say that goes far deeper than information; God wants to have a heart to heart with His people. In the place of prayer we experience His emotion and grow in living understanding; which directs our lives from a deep abiding peace within our hearts.

I do not want to ignore the urgency of the hour that is expressed in the words of Jesus. I do not want to dull my heart with entertainment or just focus on other subjects in the Bible to get away from the uncomfortable feelings of coming judgement. I want Jesus. I want Truth. No matter how it feels, I want what’s real. And if what the Bible is saying is true, then that really does change things. There must be some sort of response that goes beyond the norm. Business as usual won’t cut it. The early church lived in an urgency and were often exhorted to be awake and sober minded. How much more must we be vigilant in our walk with Jesus; as we are closer to His coming than they were?

Several years ago I was struggling with my faith and felt it would be so much easier to just give in; to quit ministry and just coast in life. I was at a Subway and I heard the Lord say “Okay. I will let you walk away, but you have to look up and see this family in the store. If you can look at them and then walk away, I will let you go.” I looked up and saw a sweet family of four and felt so much love for them in that moment. I also realized that I was convinced, without a shadow of doubt, that there really was a great tribulation coming. And I also knew that the Lord was calling me to join Him (with all the saints) in the harvest and in preparing His bride for that time. The lives of this family, along with millions across the globe, are hanging in the balance. If I walk away there will be people that may not encounter God or be ready to face the challenges coming. We don’t really know the number of people our lives will impact, but it would be worth it even if I only impact one person. I said “Lord. I can’t walk away. You’ve got me. There is too much at stake.”

In recent years I have been tempted many times to quit or just back down a little. Then I drive past the high school and see a generation desperately in need of a savior. The next generation cannot afford my generation to quit. So many are fatherless and surrounded by the chaos and confusion of the world. They need mothers and fathers who will fight for them; for their purity, their humanity, for their souls. They need intercessors to cry out for them, homes to be opened to them, and arms to hold them. They need to know what is coming and how to be ready.

I personally feel driven to be ready to stand firm in righteousness. If I step back from the battle, the fight will continue. The war has been won by Jesus on the cross, but we have not yet arrived. Things are not going to get easier yet; the war is on and we are nearing the final battle. We need to shake off the lethergy of life. We must be ready. We must prepare the next generation.

Therefore He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.” -Ephesians 5:14

Zack Roberts — zackroberts.blog

Operations Director at Ember

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