Embraced with Favor (Song of Songs 2:6)

His left hand is under my head,
And his right hand embraces me.

The Shulamite is embraced by the king. In the poetic language of this song, Jesus embraces His people. We are affirmed in His love and filled with confidence through His embrace. What does His embrace look like in this life? How do I percieve His affection for me when I cannot see or feel Him in flesh and bone?

 His hands speak of the activity of God. 

“His left hand is under my head” expresses the activity of God in my life that I do not see. It is moments like the car that would have hit me had I walked by a few moments earlier. It is the interactions with angels that we did not recognize (Hebrews 13:2). Every day God is moving in our lives, in ways that we dot perceive. God is continually protecting us and giving us insight. We will be amazed when we look back at our lives to see His left hand under our heads. I believe the moments that have been unseen will take billions of years to look at all of them.

“His right hand embraces me” is the discernable activity of God. In the ancient world the right hand was used to release favor and blessing. Fathers would bless their sons with the right hand. God has embraced us with favor. We have been hedged in, before and behind with His goodness. He gives us blessings without number. He goes ahead of our steps to lead us through doors that He opens. He follows behind us to cause our labors to bear fruit for years to come.

As we learn to trust in God with praise and thanksgiving, we can rest in His embrace. No matter the situation, He is with us. We do not need to strive or worry about our future. We don’t have to live in guilt or second guess our past. We can be at peace with Jesus; knowing that He is affectionately, thoroughly, and actively engaged in our lives.


Zack Roberts — zackroberts.blog

Operations Director at Ember

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