John Responds to the Glory of Christ (Revelation 1:17)

And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last. 

John was a man who walked with Jesus. He was intimately acquainted with Jesus; calling himself “beloved.” He also had walked in the power of the Holy Spirit, tortured and imprisoned for the gospel. Even having a history with God, he fell as a dead man before the glory of Jesus. 

This is the testimony of men throughout the Bible who walked with God (Moses, Daniel, Zechariah, Paul, etc… ) This stirs my heart to see the Glory of Jesus! Oh to not just passively read a description, but to be struck to the core with such awesome beauty that my whole being collapses to the floor. I want to experience Jesus. I want to be fascinated.

Jesus laid His right and on John. The Glorious one extends His hand of favor and shows affection. Jesus comforts John, telling him not to be afraid. His touch and His word strengthens our weak frame.

He gives John comfort and assurance through proclaiming His name over John. Stunning! We have Jesus revealing Jesus to our hearts. The knowledge of Jesus drives away fear and strengthens us.

Jesus is the “First and the Last.” He is before all things and after all things. He had the first word and has the final word. All things consist in Him. He is God. When God extends favor and affection to you, how can you fear anything? 

Zack Roberts —

Operations Director at Ember

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