Contemplating the Mystery of God and His Created


Do we really trust God or are we trusting our theology? What happens when He confounds our reasoning and offends our pride?

My eyes have been opened this past month to pride in my heart. I have seen things very black and white. In my pride I have shut out many people; leaving no room for grey. “This is how it is.” I have said, “you are either in or out. I have no time anything else.” This leaves little room for questions that challenge my views.

I am seeing so much in evangelical Christianity that I have seen and said is the gospel truth, but much of what is said is interpretation and reasoning from the Bible. Much of this is good and I’m sure is from the Lord; but we are to build our lives on what the word says, not on interpretations; this is how we have denominations.

Christians in the western culture don’t like mystery. We have to provide reason for everything we believe; there must be an answer to every question and a formula for every problem. Yet without mystery we have no need for relationship; with God and with each other. The unknown is terrifying, yet calls out to us with a song of longing and curiosity. Moving forward without instruction necessitates trust in the one who is leading you.

It is true that we have very direct and absolute truth revealed to us in scripture; and yet God is a complex being who has created a complex people in His image. Much of life however is not so clear; The nature of our desires, how we relate to one another, how we relate to God, and the earth tainted by sin.

In this age we see everything through a mirror dimly; and on top of that, we will be in a perpetual state of discovery and fascination with God for eternity. How arrogant to come to God with our conclusions and to shut out all else. We are prone to create a God in the image of our own reasoning, leading us to worship an idol rather than our creator. We must rather approach God in Humility; laying down all that we think we know before Him. We must say “you are God and I am man! Your ways are higher than mine!” Only then are we able to yield and learn from the Holy.

I see Jesus like a diamond who is multi faceted in His beauty. As finite beings gazing on an infinite God; we can in no way see Him in His entirety. Yet we can behold Him; and we all in our unique complexities, perceive and experience Him from different angles. Similarly we were all created to express uniquely what He reveals in us. Together we express the nature of Christ, as His body on the earth.

Things are not as black and white as I have assumed. God is colorful. He is offensive to the prideful. He is frustrating to the mind that wants to have Him figured out.

Let us approach God with fear and trembling. He is God, we are man! He is creator, we are created! Let us learn to trust in Him who is Holy.

Zack Roberts —

Operations Director at Ember

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