Being With The Father

Why is it important that I relate to the Father?

During the holiday season of 2018 the Lord impressed upon my heart that in 2019 I would learn what it is to “abide with the Father.”

As I considered this thought, I realized that I am actually not that familiar with the Father God. I have experienced Him, I have talked to Him, I have come to Him with needs; but I have not been with Him.

By abiding, I mean resting with awareness of His presence; like one would with a close friend on a road trip together. They may not speak or even look at each other the whole time, but simply delight in being together.

I have experience in abiding with Jesus; He is easy to relate to in my brokenness. He Himself is human, so He has a face that is easy to visualize in prayer. He is well acquainted with all my trials and temptations, and His compassion is clearly seen in His life on the earth.

I have experienced abiding with the Holy Spirit; His nearness is the most experiential aspect of my Christian journey. I have felt His presence through the highs and lows of my life. I have seen His power move through me in the lives of others with intercession, prophecy, and healing.

The Father, I discovered, is intimidating to me. To be honest, I don’t fully trust Him. I know that He is faithful in my understanding (my mind), but my heart experiences another reality. A father figure, in my experience, is distant and easily upset. He has the authority to send me to my room without dinner or even kick me out of the house. This gives me a sense that the Father is disinterested with me and produces a fear of punishment when relating to Him.  

As a prayer room in our region, we value the presence of God. It is because of our strong conviction that God is a good Father that we gladly devote our lives. In His presence is fullness of Joy. This is where peace abides and freedom reigns. David wrote in the Psalms that God’s presence fills the praises of His people. With this key revelation, we are inspiring the Church. This is our invitation to the body. “Come into His presence with praise!” This invitation is to all! God’s presence transcends our race, age, social status, etc. In the Father’s acceptance we cease from striving; we cease from bickering over theology. His love levels the playing field. We are all sons and daughters, loved by our Father for no other reason besides being His children.

So I am learning to rest in the Father; I am learning to experience his love for me and his desire for me. It is from this space that I will move beyond my hesitations of how I related to my earthly father and powerfully experience my true self as a child of the good Father.

Zack Roberts —
Operations Director of Ember

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