Praying Scripture

One of our core values in the Ember Prayer Room is scripture. All of our sets are led with Bible passages, and we encourage all leadership to pray/sing with Bible language.

The obvious point in this value is the power of God’s Word. As we engage Him in His Word, with the Holy Spirit, we are deeply impacted and transformed. This transformation affects both the individual and the expression of community. I would like to focus, in this post, however, on the corporate engagement with a prayer set.

I distinguish two forms of prayer: Bible prayers and journal prayers. Both of these are valuable in cultivating a lifestyle of devotion to Jesus. I have found, however, that the Word of God is like an anchor for our souls; both individually and corporately. Scripture is not the only means through which God speaks to us, but is the primary framework for His voice.

There is a difference between theology and truth. Theology would be the interpretation of the Bible; while the Bible itself is the Word, Jesus, the Truth. Our theology is important, but we must not exalt our interpretation above truth. Theology is one of the primary causes of division in the Body of Christ. If we seek to be led by scripture, allowing room for personal experience, we can engage together in agreement.

Our interpretation of truth will shape what we pray and direct our “journal prayers”. In a corporate prayer setting, we seek to interact antiphonally (responding to one another’s prayer). I see it as building; our prayers build upon one another. If we are not continually coming back to the Word; then we start to build in other directions.

This value helps us host prayer for people coming together from different backgrounds, and helps us, as a team, to go deeper in prayer together. Some singers find it challenging to sing straight from scripture. It becomes a discipline for them in worship. Across the board though, many testify to how they have grown as prophetic musicians.

God’s Word used in song, prayer and praise is vital to the Ember Prayer Room. It is a foundational core value that defines who we are and why we exist.

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. -Romans 15:4

Zack Roberts —
Operations Director of Ember


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