Hello! Welcome to my blog site. My name is Zack Roberts. I currently live in Norman where I am on staff with Ember (emberhq.com) as the Operations Director.

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My primary calling is to minister to The Lord in a lifestyle of worship and intercession; and to be a prophetic voice that prepares the next generation to be victorious in the midst of the unique dynamics on the earth in the season of Jesus’ return. Wether we see it in our lifetime or not, we are called to be ready for that day and to empower the next generation to excel in understanding and readiness. I desire to see the church walk in her destiny as a “house of prayer for all nations.” The victorious church in the final generation will be a spiritual family, going on mission with Jesus, in the context of night and day prayer. My main focus is to build up the third aspect; cultivating vision and value for night and day prayer and worship in both our individual lives as well as the primary activity of the gathered people of God.

My desire for this blog is to capture reflections along the way of my personal journey with the Lord and to stir hearts in their own personal journeys with the Lord.

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