Hello! Welcome to my blog site. My name is Zack Roberts. I currently live in Norman where I am on staff with Ember (emberhq.com) as the Operations Director and a part time barista at Starbucks.

I am on a journey of growing in devotion to Jesus through a contemplative lifestyle. I create environments that inspire others to draw near to God in the midst of everyday life; and come alongside individuals who are seeking to recognize where and how God is relating to them.

I have learned from the council of famed mystics and saints throughout history, that it is best to always be a learner. So my posture is not that I have arrived to great knowledge or experience, but rather, like you, I am a finite being on a spiritual journey of drawing near to God. I am simply sharing what I have experienced along the way. It is not my intention to convince you of anything other than the reality of God’s love and nearness. We are all on a journey together and have much to learn from one another; for though we are all broken, we all bear the image of God.

This site expresses my reflections along the way on relating to God and to people. May this blog page inspire and encourage your personal journey, wherever you may be. 🙂

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