My Journey into Voluntary Celibacy

This is a brief summary of my journey with God in reconciling my sexuality with my faith; a journey that I am still on. I have learned from the council of famed mystics and saints throughout history, that it is best to always be a learner. So my posture is not that I have arrived … Continue reading My Journey into Voluntary Celibacy

Loving People in Process

Everyone can relate to process. Everything in life moves forward through process; sometimes smoothly and sometimes rough. The human experience, with its many mysteries, is exciting and joyful, yet also gets messy and painful. Every person is on their own journey of discovering their role in this life. Every person must discover truth for themselves, … Continue reading Loving People in Process

Contemplating the Mystery of God and His Created

Do we really trust God or are we trusting our theology? What happens when He confounds our reasoning and offends our pride? My eyes have been opened this past month to pride in my heart. I have seen things very black and white. In my pride I have shut out many people; leaving no room … Continue reading Contemplating the Mystery of God and His Created