Feeling the Urgency of the Hour

There is a storm on the horizon and much of the Church is not ready. Imagine knowing that a massive storm was about to hit your city and you knew how to prepare, but most people did not believe you. That is the emotion I feel as I see, from God’s word, what is coming; … Continue reading Feeling the Urgency of the Hour

The Day of the Lord pt. 3 (The Tribulation)

God will allow tribulation and persecution to purify and refine His Church. Jesus said that there is coming a time that there will be tribulation on the earth, such has never been nor will ever be again. The tribulation will be so intense that He says the saints will not be able to bear it … Continue reading The Day of the Lord pt. 3 (The Tribulation)

Lifestyle of Watching Prayer

I believe that the Lord is raising up His church across the nations to be a spiritual family going on mission with Jesus in the context of night and day prayer. As He is stirring hearts for prayer in this generation, He is wanting to take us deeper than just speaking words and making requests. … Continue reading Lifestyle of Watching Prayer